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The Geo ´91 Manual Steering Rack can fit a Geo metro 94???

Thank you!

Excuse my english

posted by  anorzaga

One of my cars is actually a 94 geo metro, so you are in luck I have the chiltons manual.

They should be the same. It is non-power rack and pinion. There are other factors that would make them different such as the engine or the transmission being different.

It would be better if you explained where you are getting it from. The junkyard should have a part matching computer. but 91-94 the measurements of the cars stayed the same. Most things in those years are the same... I think that is what youre asking. In 91 there is an XFI model, not in 94, which has some parts different, but the steering is exactly the same.

Any other questions?

The metro LSI is a significantly different vehicle from the metro. That starts in 96 in the us though.

posted by  stamar

yes, my metro is 3 cyl. 1.0 lts. manual transmision...

Thank you for the information!!!

Regards of a Mexican friend!!!

posted by  anorzaga

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