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My work mate who gives me a lift to and from work is having problems with her car she says its a 89 1.1 Ford Fiesta. The car never idles smoothly for longer then a few seconds and if we ever have to stop she needs to keep some gas on otherwise it cuts out, if she is driving round a roundabout or just slow like a traffic jam it sometimes cuts out as well. If the engine has been on a while then it will start 3rd or 4th time usually. When we come out of work and the car has been off for 8 hours it is a nightmare she has to keep trying about 10 or so times before the engine even almost starts then it will usually start slowly and cutout before she can rev it. If it starts we stay in the car park for 10 mins reving the engine to warm it up so if it stalls its easier to get going again, also sometimes the battery flattens out before she can get it started and I have to push the car.

Neither of us knows anything about car's and she doesnt want to get taken for a ride in a garage is there anyone who can have a rough guess at whats wrong the car is fine at high speeds.

posted by  Chrysalis

A couple of uneducated gueese:

1) Idle could be set to low

2) are you having any power problems other than the starting? if so could be it needs a new battery ( if it worn out) or a new altenator (sometimes the brushes in the altenator will wear down and will still charge just not enough to get the car going again).

The second guess is kinda random. Hopefly someone more educated will corect me if I am wrong and give you some better acvice.

posted by  shluffer

sorry for my delay in responding.

the idle problem is all the time even after we been driving for 30 mins or so, we could be doing 40mph fine then come to a red light and if she lets it idle it will cough and splutter and eventually cutout unless she revs it. If she is doing anything that is low rev then the car struggles, reversing is a nightmare.

Even when revving it she struggles to pull of after stopping, I dont know if its her error or the car but sometimes it will stall when we try to pull off.

I suspected battery but the reason why I am not sure is it usually turnsover fast the first few starting attempts and then gradually gets slower until the car starts or we have to push it.

She hasnt got a lot of money I said I will contribute as she gives me a lift but between us we probably only got £100 or so to spend on it.

posted by  Chrysalis

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