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5.2L V8 Grand Cherokee Limited

My jeep has 220,000 + miles on it and for its age its in great condition. I want this thing to last forever so I'm beginning to rebuild it.

My questions are, what steps does the dealership take to do a major tune up! I have the Chilton’s book and have read every step. However I seem to remember taking it in when I first got it and having the guy say something about my intake being clogged and if I wanted to have something sprayed into the engine to clean it out. Is this necessary, what is it that they did? It doesn't say anything about this in my book, and these guys could have been playing with my ignorance and charging me for something pointless.

I'm doing all the work with a friend and would like all the tips I could get.

Two of the major problems I'm noticing, (1) when shifting from drive through reverse there’s a clanking sound coming from the tranny (it was rebuilt not to long ago it just sounds like something is loose). (2) The engine just sounds bad, I know I need to rebuild it, but it just sounds dirty and it doesn't rev smoothly like it use to.

I'm going to put in new spark plugs, wires, distributor cap & rotor. Flush the engine and replace the radiator (the current one leaks) what else should I do to help the engine out before I get the money to rebuild it?

Thanks for the help

posted by  seanpv

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