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ok, i have a 91 nissan maxima, 3.0 ltr, v6 automatic. it has 120,000 miles and still running strong, well up til now, at idle it acts as if it is missing but when i get rolling about 2nd gear or just stomp it, it seems to smooth out? i just recently changed the plugs about 3,000 miles back, but i think i have a clogged injector, the plugg for that cylender is covered in carbon < well it is really dirty, and black> all the others are still white, i've tried the cheap little fuel injector cleaners < ex: gumout, stp, ect.> and even the lucas upper seal lub/injector cleaner which was supose to be good. How can i solve my problem, if any, besides buying 1 new injector for $162 ?!?! please help!!! :oops:

posted by  NightWolf1616

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