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I’m in a bit of a bind. My 1983 Toyota Celica (standard) was kidnapped by New York City this morning and is being held hostage at the Brooklyn Navy Yard Tow Pound. I irresponsibly let my registration expire and can’t get the car out without renewing it. I can’t renew my registration, however, without getting my car inspected again. Just last week I had it inspected, but it failed the emissions test. Lacking enough money to pay for the $400 tune-up the garage wanted to charge, I decided to try to tune it up myself, but was too busy to do so up until today. Now I need to have the car towed out of the pound to a station that will do a re-inspection. All the stations I called in the area want about the same ($400-500) to service the car before inspecting it again. I still can’t afford to pay that and want to do some things to it myself, but I’m not very knowledgeable about these things. I can change the air filter, but what other adjustments can I make to lower the emissions? Any advice would be helpful. The car is not worth a whole lot, but it has low mileage (65,000) for its age, and is dependable. I am starting a part-time teaching job in Boston next month and will need a car to commute back and forth to Boston. The results of my failed inspection are:

Emission Control Devices Result: PASS

Emissions Test Result: FAIL
Vehicle Reading HC 1.04 gpm / CO 15.75 gpm / NOx 1.80 gpm.
Test Limits HC 0.80 gpm / CO 15.00 gpm / NOx 2.00 gpm

Besides changing the air filter (which is about two years old) what else can I do to lower the emissions myself? Thanks for you help.

posted by  celicat

Air filter as you know. 02 sensor should be changed every 50K. Run some fuel injector cleaner through.

posted by  DodgeRida67

according to what you said, it is just barely out of specs.

So, the garage are thieves.

What is most likely out of tune is the carbuerator adjustment. You will need a tach to do this, or pay a mechanic $60. change all the plugs and wires, the air filter.

change the oil. Drive it 30 miles before you take the test, on the freeway. Should be good to go.

posted by  stamar


Celicat, If I'm not mistaken, your '83 Celica came with an option of either a carburetor or FI. So which do you have?

posted by  DodgeRida67

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