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Okay, today i went for my driving test, and found out that my tailights dont work, i have one brake light on the hatch of the excel that does work however. its Odd tho because they were working when i dropped the car off at tthe mechanics to get the handbrake tightened up. Since its both the tailights im ruling out that the globes just blew out, unless they are both on the same curcuit. What else could it be?

Also I had this question in another thread except i guess you guys were scared off by deifferent car names. but, my lighter is old and rusted and is falling out, I can buy a replacement lighter at Kmart for 15 bucks, but i just need some simple directions on how to put it in, if anyone could help that would be awsome, its mounted in the dash.

Now heres the weird one, the lines that run across the back windshield for the deminster, they dont work and i found out why, one of the wires that connect up to the contact to complete the circuit has broken off. its really then on the glass, and i was wondering if there was any sort of conductive adhesive i could use to stick it back on.


posted by  Bleaaargh

When you buy your replacement cigarette lighter, you will see how it comes apart and that will tell you how to take your old one out. Basically, there are 2 pieces that screw together and 2 wires on the back end. If yours is all rusty, then you may have to cut it apart to get it out.

As far as your deminster (defroster here) is concerned, I would recommend trying to solder it.

Did you check your fuse for the tailights? Generally the third tailight is on a different circuit. Do your directionals work? How about your running lights? You may want to go back to the technicians that worked on the car and see if they had to disconnect anything when they were tightening your hand brake. Maybe they just forgot to reconnect part of the harness.

Good luck.

posted by  theman352001

Do they not come with instructions? They should have instructions with them. :thumbs:

posted by  DodgeRida67

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