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My estranged father has been painting cars for over 35 years. Twenty of which for one particular shop. Now, he has professional asthma, bronchitis and has only 26% lung capacity (which is dropping each year, from what I am told). I was just recently reunited with my father three years ago, after a 20 year absence. Now, he is suffering and I don't expect him to live many more years.

During our discussions about his profession, he mentioned that he used to use a hardener, "Montana" that was labelled, "Banned in the USA." I asked him, “why he didn't mention this to his boss (of course, the same boss who was buying the stuff, probably for cheap)?” Dad said because he had a wife and three children to feed and care for. He was never one to take his health seriously, and despite being (IMO) on his death bed, still doesn't take it seriously.

My father and I live in Canada, and generally Health Canada doesn't allow any products to be introduced to the populace or industry if it is banned in the US. Usually there are studies and cases to suggest why it was banned there, and Canada follows suit with these standards.

My question, does anyone know details about this product? Why it was banned and is this a brand or the manufacture? I have tried to press my father on the subject, but he is unwilling to discuss it. I have told him, "If this is what caused you to be sick..." in which he would respond, "I am sick. Now, let's leave it at that." My relationship with him is not strong enough to press the issue, and I don't think even if it was he would talk. He is a stubborn man. So, I am hoping someone can enlighten me on any details about this product. I would be eternally grateful. Thanks.

posted by  SergeC

So, I guess no one can help? :(

posted by  SergeC

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