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:screwy: well first of all hello everyone,my name is scott ok here we go i picked up my nephews 87 ford escort 1.9 126000 miles it ran excellent when he parked it because he bought a new car . well it sat for 3 years now i have it running i changed the oil which was completely black!!! ten i bought some cleaner and flushed it again thinking that the oil ports were plugged?sorry the problem is that when it runs at idle the lifters dont tick at all even when it's hott no problem.But when you drive it or even sit and rev the engine for a few minutes after it gets warm the lifters start to tick again.the ford dealer told me "off the record"to run some diesel fuel through it to clean all the sludge outi changed the oil again completely black so o did an oil pressure test and when it first starts it hits 50 psi then idiling after a few minutes it drops to 25 the book said well the book i have is for a 91 but the spec for the 1.9 1991 at 2000 rps hott is 35-65psi but mine starts ticking and dosent go over 25 hott then it ticks top half only then after it's hott it has oil pressure at about 15 what is the exact spec? and could it just be the engine is still dirty or does everyone think it's the oil pump?which throws me because it was fine when parked 3 years ago thanks for any help i really need it guys and or gals!!!!!

posted by  salanf1

I'd like to help you but maybe it's just me because I can't make sense of your question. :ohcrap:

posted by  DodgeRida67

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