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Hello everybody. Yesterday I bought an 82 Z28 Camaro, and the thing has no rear lighting whatsoever. No brake lights, tail lights, or turn signals. Nothing. I popped the lights off and looked them over and the bulbs and the wiring look ok. Then I decided to check the fuses. Well the fuse cover is of course missing, as is the owner's manual. So I have no idea what fuse is for what. All the fuses in the box look fine, I took them out and checked, but there are several empty slots so I suppose the fuse could be altogether gone. Any suggestions on how to get my lights going would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks! -SirWilliam

posted by  SirWilliam

HI, Check on the firewall near the brake booster for a elc connector ,there is one there that goes to the rear of the car,have seen them to come unpluged or even just loose , if that isn't it check for power at the rear and work your way foward looking for broken wires, Good luck Slim :screwy:

posted by  Slimone

I got the lights going this morning. I opened up the dash panel underneath it like where the pedals are so I could see all the wiring. There was a big cluster of wires that was completely unplugged. It almost looks like it would have to have been disconnected on purpose. Anyway I just plugged the two back together and now I have lights. Thanks for the replies, guys. Now it's on to other things that need fixing on this thing... :doh:

posted by  SirWilliam

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