95 Chev Lumina LS using coolant/running hotter than normal.

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My 95 Chev Lumina in the past few days has had an issue with using a lot of coolant mix. It is hot here in Austin, Texas but this hasn't been a problem in past. There is no visable leak anywhere and several mech. friends have looked at it. It hasn't actually overheated but gets close to redline.
the low coolant light and check engine light has come on and off for the past few years but dealer mech. can't find the problem other than a short somewhere in dash. So the lights are really doing me any good for low coolant issues. I have a V6/auto trans. The AC compressor was replaced 3 months ago and nothing else seems to be out of the ordinary. Can you have a pin hole radiator leak that doesn't give off any signs of leakage? It is normal for a car to use coolant without a leak?

Thanks in advance for any advice!

posted by  auscassa

If it is definatly not being leaked (which I bet it is) it is probably going into your oil. Check oil dipstick for any sign of white coloring. Pull oil fill cap off and check it for white residue.

Oh, and when your car gets close to redline on the coolant temp, it's safe to say it's overheating. :thumbs:

posted by  DodgeRida67

Other than the previous comments to pressure test and look for leaks, or moisture residue (white) evident in the motor on the oil cap. Look for steam coming out exhaust pipe especially when the car is warm. Also, pulling the spark plugs can provide good indication of coolant seeping into a combustion chamber. It bascially steam cleans the plug. You may see 1 or 2 plugs that look clean compared to the others. Keep us posted.

posted by  tblentrprz

If your car is the 3100 or 3400 engine, it could have an intake manifold gasket leak. My mother's van has the 3100 has one. My grandmother's 3400 had one. I've had people tell me about how they had them on their 31 or 34's. It's apparently a common problem. Ours leaks coolant, but at the moment, just down the side of the engine, not into the oil. But eventually it can go into the oil, so have it checked out. If you check your oil and it looks like chocolate milk, then you have a biiiig problem.

posted by  KNTRDR

Can you tell me where it was leaking? ON the driver's side? My 3400 Pontiac Montana is going through a lot of coolant as well.

How hard is it to change these things? The transverse engine with the deep firewall doesn't help things at all. :banghead:

posted by  All6ofUs

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