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...my first car is a little Subaru Legacy. It has a 2.2 liter engine. Its well maintained, and I keep everything in good repair.

Now, being as how its a small engine, I find that sometimes in order to get where I'm going I need to rev up to the 3-4k range.

I'm used to a Crown Vic which would do 70mph at about 1k rpms ::laughs:: (I miss that car)

So anyway, will revving the engine up that high damage it at all if its well oiled and whatnot? Or should I do my best to keep the revs low?


posted by  JasCar

My daughter has an Outback with the same engine hooked up to a manual transmission. The engine (like most Japanese 4 cylinder engines) develops its power at much higher RPMs than Detroit iron. Note that at hiway speeds the engine is spinning much faster than your Crown Vic, about 4000 RPM vs. about 2200, I believe. If you have an auto transmission, don't worry about it, just let it do its thing. If you have a manual transmission, run it out through its gears, your engine will thank you.

posted by  gravistar

i own a 82 toyota supra. when i put overdrive on ( it was an automatic with an push button overdrive) the engine would 75-85 easily @ 3500 rpm with no problems

posted by  Coffin Type R

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