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hi i have a 1996 trans am ijust had a distrubotor and cap replaced .it was runing bad the car has 14700 miles on it i bought the car while i was on active duty at ft. bragg it had 12000 when i bought it.i took the car to persion tune which the car started backfirng and lack of power was spitting my plugs looked goodbut they sid my distrubitor could be bad .so i agreed to thatthe distrubor was bad oil had gotten inside and 3 of the pegs where burnt they put it in and the car ran great for 1 day.now when i drive about 15 mi the car starts to backfire and spit up then conks out and takes a while for it to start up again took it back to persion tune they told me that they tought the cumpter was going bad.i have alredy spent 600.00 just having distribitor put in now its something eles .runs great till you get 15 mi or the car gets hot can anybody help me with a sujestion to what it may be or some advise ,i took it to the dealer it was runing bad by the time i got it there they said it would take 3 hrs just check it out at 75.00 and hr. and thats not even counting what it would cost to fix .i hope someone can help thanks chuck :

posted by  chuckiekirk

it has a 350 lt1 automatic code pull up 1661 main in and main out bad iwas told the code from it was trans slipage. the bad problem is the cuting out when i get to 15 mi or about 30 min idling

posted by  chuckiekirk

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