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I have recently got a new car, it is as you could have guessed a Honda Prelude 84. But for the life in me I don't know if its Leaded or Unleaded, any help would be great, thanks Saever

posted by  Saever

If your old enough to remember leaded gas then you should know the answer to your question.


posted by  theman352001

Let me know when you find leaded gas at the pump. Ive been looking for some. :hi:

posted by  DodgeRida67

Tetraethel lead (called "Ethel" back in those days) was added to gasoline for two reasons. 1.) It was a cheap way to boost octane. 2.) it coated engine parts and served as a lubricant.

Cars that required ethel are as coated as they need to be with lead, so you just need to match octane, without the lead.

Lead was finally outlawed for use in gasoline because the industry was forced to acknowledge that it was a nasty poison, especially for little people with noses close to the ground, where atomized lead was most likely to be found.

posted by  gravistar

I fully agree with the first statement...during the muscle car era is was common to see compression ratios over 10:1. The second statement is close but not quite right. First off, the "engine parts" are and always have been lubricated by oil. But, they didn't use hardened valve seats in those days and the lead helped "cushion" the impact of the valve closing on the seat. If you have a classic car with original heads, you'll end up destroying the heads unless you run a lead additive. I've seen heads from a 440 mopar where the valve seats had receded a little over .100". That may not sound like a lot but you have to think of lifter pre-load, rocker arm geometry, and the spring pressure drop with that much additional "installed height"...can you say valve float at 4500rpm?

posted by  Sick88Tbird

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