95 Grand Prix wont start-has spark, fuel?

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I have a 95 Pontac Grand Prix that stopped running. It will fire if I spray ether or squirt some gasoline in the air intake. The fuel pump is new and I detached the fuel line after fuel filter and seems to be pumping fine. Have not checked fuel pressure on injector rails but releasing valve on end of rail results in fairly strong stream of gas. Cant believe all injectors quit working at once unless due to failure of some controlling module. Any ideas would be appreciated.

posted by  new49

don't have a typical issue/fix for ya. sounds like your on the right track to do a fuel rail pressure check and also checking fuel injector wiring back to the common item for all injectors. good luck and keep us posted

posted by  tblentrprz

my problem was the fuel pump

posted by  1994 grand prix

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