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posted by  nickrand

At 208,000 miles, by changing the fuel filter you will gain not loose even if it's not your trouble.

What makes you think you have a fuel problem to start with?

posted by  DodgeRida67

Not sure I do have a fuel problem. Just trying to find an easy solution to a frustrating problem.

I wish I could do more maintenance myself. Paying others to diagnose intermittent problems is awful.

posted by  nickrand

Oh I understand. I figured you weren't sure, and that you were stabbing in the dark.

If you want solutions to a problem, the rule of thumb is to solve the problem and not guess. That's why your one fuel pump and a set of plugs and wires wasted and a little short of the money you spent on it.

So lets do it right what do ya say?

Do you have a "check engine" light ever illuminate at any point in time?

posted by  DodgeRida67

I notice the check engine light flick on and off for 0.0001 seconds when the engine cranks but doesn't turn over. Otherwise it rarely comes on (a handful of times over the 10 years I've had the car).

Below is a link to my original thread on this problem if more details would be helpful. Thanks for your help.

posted by  nickrand

I had a similar problem with a Tempo. It turned out the fuel pump was bad. Have a pressure check done on the fuel system. Don't drive with under a 1/4 tank of gas. It's hard on the fuel pump and could cause it to fail prematurely. My Tempo had an inertia switch also. If your Escort has one, check it also. Usually the fuel filter will cause stalling at higher speeds, or no start at all if it is plugged. Change it fairly often to keep dirt out of the injectors. Good luck!

posted by  Caravan Bud

honestly, there is something wrong with your question.

The only logical way to diagnose a fuel filter.... is to replace it. A screw driver is what it takes usually. sometimes you have to relieve feul pressure.

Fuel filters cost between $5 and $20. If you are diagnosing something with the fuel system, you basically have to replace it anyway.

So as opposed to thinking about it, you replace it. Only if you are considering abandoning the car would you not do it.

posted by  stamar

posted by  DodgeRida67

I really wonder about your total contributions to these threads sometimes dodge ridah. aCtually, many times. Not all of the time when I look through this forum, but too often.

Your contribution to this thread is what? Worthless editorial. Not even trying to help the person or pull off something intelligent.
What do you think is BS? Why? Where is there information you have added? Where are your contributions useful to figuring out the problem at hand?
It takes less time to replace a fuel filter than to read this thread.

Whereas the message board advice is going to be a hit or miss thing at best, replacing the part tells you right away with certainty. Eliminating the possibility. Dont waste your time thinking about something like this.

I think its insane. No mechanic would replace a fuel pump, and not replace a fuel filter unless he was certain it was practically new. I have not heard of this keeping the fuel filter in practice, and dodge ridah contributed no reason for it.... Ignore this bad advice. Keep the old fuel filter around just in case you ever hear a logical reason to keep it in.

Buy the filter, and eliminate that problem. If it changes nothing, move through the whole trouble shooting guide, some of those things are in tblaxir's post.

You can test one end, then test the other? Or replace the thing? Which takes less time? I cant even believe someone is retarded enough to contradict me. If it is not the problem you have done routine maintenance.

posted by  stamar

Every word you typed out in this thread "helping" this guy was a load of bullshit. I was pointing that out. Grow up and admit you don't know what the F you are talking about fool.

posted by  DodgeRida67

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