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I need a little help from cyber world please. This car had a broken power window motor (passenger side) which I replaced today. Now the stupid thang is still broke! I have been looking for the relay that controls the power window system but as of yet have not ben able to find it. PLEASE.... if anybody out there knows where this damn thing is please give me a shout. I'm about ready to begin removing the dash and other precious interior components until I find this thing.
Thanks to eveyone in advance.

posted by  Mudduck

I never knew there was a relay for the power windows....

posted by  DodgeRida67

This was your opportunity to point out that the most valuable tool you can have is a repair manual for whatever car you're working on. It would also be an appropriate time to point out that it appears the "stupid thang" isn't what's being worked on but who is doing the work. :wink2:

posted by  vwhobo

yeah Mudduck having similar problem on a 94 v6 camry except i replaced the master window control switch and now no windows work and can not figure how find relay or fuse to reset window system. anybody know how find relay, fuse, or circut breaker for the windows? my repair manual negates to mention where exactly the relay or circut breaker is located.

posted by  mprovow

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