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Hey this might not be the right place to be posting this but......

i have a 1998 honda civic lx. I want to put a keyless entry system on it so i went to the store and bought one for 40 bucks made by bulldog security. after opening the package and reading the directions i was totally stumped. there was a base and about 14 multi-colored wires coming off of it. My question for you guys was is there a place that would be able to install it for me or should i just return it and find a different one at a different store. I dont mind spending 100 dollars max but i just dont want to do it myself cuz i am clueless. THANKS!!

posted by  jml8705

If your not good with instructions, then why are you here? :hi:

It came with instructions so why don't you just read them until you understand them? Tell you what. What ever part you don't understand from the instructions, post here. I'll see what I can do for you.

posted by  DodgeRida67

Hello :hi:
I have 1998 Honda Accord LX sedan. I bought a bulldog keyless entry earlier and balked when I saw the instructions and the amount of re-wiring required so I sold it and then found and bought a new honda oem keyless entry on ebay real cheap. Got the instructions from www.handa.accessories.com. Went through about 98% of the installation real easy (the instructions were very clear and concise) but encountered a :banghead: with the last section involving the removal of the glove compartment. It just would not come out easy even though the instructions said to slide it out after removal of screws. I didn't want to break anything so I left it at that until I can get any further information..........so if anyone out there can assist and know something about this problem that would be much appreciated. The glove compartment is quite loose right now but there seems to be notches that may be holding it (that I can't reach or see). Maybe all it needs is a real strong tug but I don't want to risk breaking anything.

posted by  hondamatic

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