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Ok, so I went to Russia for a month (was born there), and their "Bazaars" (Big centers for shopping) sell Car parts/Accessories at very cheap prices. So I decided to buy some stickers, security upgrades and I also bought a neon rod to put in the car.

By the way, I'm totally new to the whole car modding experience so bare with me;). Most of you will think I'm an idiot but I am learning. :screwy:

Car information :
Chrysler Sebring 99' Coupe (LXi)
2.5 Liter , 6-V FWD

Anyway, at first I asked a friend for help, thought he knew how to do this. I decided (at first) to put the Neon light into the trunk, so instead of the regular trunk lighting up when you open it, the Neon will light up everything in the trunk. We ended up blowing a fuse and had to go buy a new one. So at that point I decided to find somewhere online to look for help.

The neon light first came w/ a connector to the cigarette lighter, which we cut off, because it would look stupid like that, I wanted to directly wire it.

Anyone that can help me, I want to maybe put it under the drivers seat, and connect the wires to the cigarette lighter light. But I don't know how to go about doing this. Any help?

posted by  virtuex7

Any1 please?

posted by  virtuex7

Our ricer techs are currently unavailable.

posted by  DodgeRida67

well you may need a neon transistor box. im not really sure what you wanna do. whats it seems is you cut oof the cigarette adapter end to wire it in the trunk, now your deciding to put under your seat and you want to connect the adapter back to it?
not sure, but let me know, ill see whats going on and try to help ya out.

posted by  je2ta

You are unbelievable, Dodge! :laughing:

posted by  lutz

this is my 1st time writing on these forum things :screwy:
i'm soooo excited.

i was looking for something else, but i came across someone else b4 on another site that had the same kind of problem.


it turns out that on some neon lights, the socket that plugs into the cigarette lighter of your car actually contains some of the electrical components (resisters/trans-thingimajigs-whatever..) required by the neon to operate.

there were 2 solutions...

1. (a) buy a little black project box from ur friendly electronics store
(b) place all teh components from the lighter socket into the project box and mount it somewhere inconspicuous (or out in the open if that's what u prefer :thumbs: )


2. (a) buy a new cigarette lighter jack (exactly like the one your car comes with.. lol)
(b) plug the neon into that jack, rather than into the standard, noticeable one, and then wire that wherever you want.

the second one sounds easier.. but that's just my opinion. :screwy:

apparently its a good idea to fuse these things too... (dont ask me what wires go where tho. lol)

posted by  mehness_inc

Make sure that whenever you're using neons, that you can't see them from the outside, or have some means of turning them off, because in some (most) states, it's illegal to see neons outside of the car.

posted by  ThirdeYe

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