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Last night something broke or diconnected in my clutch cables or clutch. Its not the clutch because there was no problems before last night. Before last night shifting from 1st to 2nd u could hear a snap or click noise when the clutch is let out, doing this in only lower gears. So anyways last night something broke not allowing me to put the car into gear (98 dodge neon sport) My dad believes this is a release bearing to the trans axle clutch area..
I just wanted to suggestions of what the problem could be?

thanks for any help

posted by  flameneon

Ok, first of all I'll move this to the right section so it receives a few more views...

Ok, as for your problem, does the clutch pedle operate correctly?...if it's either staying glued to the floor pan or there's no tention there, it's ya clutch cable. If the tension is still kinda there (might feel slack) but it wont go into gear, chances are it's your release bearing or some other similar componant :thumbs:

Hope it helps :thumbs: :ohcrap:

posted by  Cliffy

Ok i know what the problems is, my dad, uncle and i have taken out the transmission and it was the release bearing as we thought, one of the metal pieces that holds it the fork was broken allowing the bearing to twist a bit. i cant explain it better than that but that is what happened.

posted by  flameneon

No problem, dont mention it, anytime :banghead:

posted by  Cliffy

You came in here already knowing what the problem was huh. Yeah, you did. :banghead:

posted by  DodgeRida67

Actually i had no idea what the problem was but after i posted the first time i took the transmission out (lots of fun in a neon...) but after i posted the second time my dad wanted to take a good look at the clutch since we had gone so far already and found that it needed to be replaced as well. so thats another 420 gone for that...
thanks for the suggestions sry i couldnt give more detail.

posted by  flameneon

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