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I have a 99 Durango 5.9v8 Magnum.

I won't pretend to know a ton about cars, but I do know what starting out on a 71gmc truck has taught me. I came here in hopes of borrowing some knowledge from those that possess it. I apologize if this has already been posted, I ran a few searches of word combinations and did not see anything. That said here goes.....

Its had NO problems so far(had it a year). Just drove it about 50 miles, stopped it and tried to start it up again about 15 mins later. All I get is clicking, sounds like its the starter. I tried jumping the car but it doesn't seem to have enough power to completely try and start. We left the cars(durango and explorer) hooked for about 15 mins and still couldn't get enough power to start. It would roll over once and then quit. All interior lights, A/C chimes and sounds would come on when connected to jumper. After we unhooked it barely had enough juice to lock doors. Any clue why it would not draw enough power to start? Or perhaps it's a different issue. Many many thanks be to you who may help.

posted by  rgjsb

Time after time have I seen a jumper situation do that for the following reasons. Dirty cables, loose cables, bad jumper cables, weak jumper cables. bad contact.

Clean both cars' battery terminals (fully, take them off) make sure they are put back tight enough so they don't move with moderate twisting motion on the cables. Make sure the jumper cables go on tight and have a nice good clean connection. If you do all this, and it just won't reach cranking speed, your looking at a bad starter most likely.

posted by  DodgeRida67

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