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I have a '94 Escort 1.9L with the auto transmission. Tonight I noticed that the transmission shifts hard from first to second and will not drop into overdrive at all. It runs well but remains in 3rd even if I try to force the shift by pulling off the gas and coasting for a while. Any ideas??? Thanks

posted by  oldford

Tranny fluid level, filter.

posted by  DodgeRida67

That was the first thing I checked. fluid level is fine, color is good and clear, and it does not smell burned. I guess I'll go for the filter. is it under the bottom pan like other ford transmissions, or is it hidden? Thanks

posted by  oldford

i just dropped a used 1994 auto tranny into my 1991 escort...the tranny has the same are being sought cause it was a pain to get in...but my research shows the following possible cause:

1) Speed Sensor
2) Tranny Computer - PCM Module

My first tranny about 7 years ago did this was a pinched wire under the air filter...but if you did no werk under there, then that's probably not it....I'll update this in a week or so when I try a few fixes..althought the fluid and filter seem good in yours, that should not be a problem.

posted by  ironlung

Thanks for the update.... I'll check in later...

posted by  oldford

Did a diagnostic on the weekend and had two with Air Inflow (I'll find it and give the detail), and the other one said Insufficient Input from Vehicle Speed Sensor - - :laughing: -- that did not surprise me, but now I have to find a way to get the crazy thing out of there and replace it..... :cussing: seems to wanna stay there.

posted by  ironlung

Fixed....we have 123 and 4

posted by  ironlung

I checked with the parts stores. They want $94 for the speed sensor. Is this correct???? :cussing:

posted by  oldford

Can you do me a favor??? My lift is disabled due to a blown hydraulic cylinder seal. I will be fixed this week. Do you have the Ford part number for the sensor? THanks

posted by  oldford

I went to the junkyard and got one for FREEEEEEE . . .however, I do believe I have that number at home...I will look.... :laughing: I have a feeling those things are pricing pretty high....

I've really cheaped out on this car cuz all I need is one more year out of it!!

posted by  ironlung

:banghead: I have a 1995 Ford Escort Automatic. Car runs great until you have to turn on the headlights. Voltage drops to 13V.

Here is the major problem, it shifts out of Overdrive back to 3rd gear. Turn the lights off and it works fine. Parking lights only same problem. Take out all the bulbs, same problem.

Battery OK.

It's driving me and my repair shop nuts!!

Any thoughts?


posted by  IDASIX

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