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last night in an attempt to fill my oil in the dark i managed to spill oil all over the ?manifold?... anyway now when the engine heats up its smoking alot while its burning off the oil. i moped up as much as i could by hand but there is still a substantial amount there. The question i have is, by leaving it to burn off am i at risk of causing a engine fire or some other sort of damage? and if so whats the best way to clean it up?

thankyou to anyway who replys :wink2:

by the way its a 1982 bmw 318i if thats at all important...

posted by  hoges

I would usually pester you for an intro, but as this is a serious querie, I'll answer it for you now. I've spilt oil on engines before and just left it to burn off as it'll mainly just imit smoke, however, there's always a slight risk of fire with these things. The easiest way to get it all off is to spray it with either an engine degreaser or Carburretor cleaner, although not designed for this task, I've always found Carb cleaner does the trick, just be very carefull not to get it in your eyes as it WILL hurt lol. Also, it's worth bearing in mind that Carb cleaner is flammable, I know it sounds silly seeing as Carbs are usually hot, but most aresols are flammable, just take good care and try not to blow anything up lol (I once caught fire to a mates Fiat Panda whilst spraying the carb....I now know that's not why those engines are called FIRE engines :banghead: )

Good luck, and feel free to introduce yourself :thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

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