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My daughetr ahs a 1988 Ford Laser KE 1.6. Last night on the Freeway it overheated and this morning i found there was no drive belt for the alternator and water pump, which accounts for it...

So I got a new drive belt, after a lot of cursing manged to route it onto the pulleys - but can't find any way to tighten it. I can see how to tighten the Power Tseering pump drivebelt - which I had to do because you got to take the thing off to get the other belt on. Thing is the belt is really slack and not driving the alternator properly. Anyone know bwhere the tensioer is hidden? The whol car is designed to need to be totally disassembled before a grown up can work on any of it. I'm still fuming... Any help would be GRATEFULLY accepted!

Otherwise tomorrow it'll be waiting at the Ford dealership!

Thanks guys

Chris B :banghead:

posted by  cmbhome

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