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Hey I need a lot of help......... I am switching my AOD trans. to a World Class T-5 Trans. I have already switched the transmission. And now I'm working on putting the clutch pedal assembly in the car and I think there should be 2 switches on the clutch pedal assembly (a starter/clutch interlock switch and some or kind of switch)... I think there the starter/clutch interlock switch has the wires under the dash but there is not a place to mount the switch (that I see). Do you think that I will need them or not.... PLZ help me...

posted by  goines_m

You really don't need the clutch interlock safety switch bullsh!t. The car will be able to start without the clutch pedal depressed, but as long as you don't try starting it in gear without depressing the clutch, you'll be all right. Just out of it a mustang or other fox-chassis vehicle?

posted by  Sick88Tbird

the car is a 90' mustang 5.0 LX.. So it is ok for us not to put the interlock switch in car. But what about the other switch (i have not idea what it is called)......

posted by  goines_m

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