'98 Chevy Malibu Overheating Problem

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Car overheated last week and would not maintain fluid level, although never saw any visible leaks and oil looks like oil. I removed the thermostat and car was still overheating. I replaced the water pump today and still overheating. I replaced the thermostat, temperature sensor, radiator cap, and fans are working. Still overheating. Heater does not get hot and water level just does not stay up. I fill it and cap it and after awhile it starts to push out of the cap. I removed the cap and ran it til it stopped overflowing and replaced the cap. I bleed the air out and drove down the highway. Low water light went off when I got on the highway doing 65 and then back doing 65, temp ran a little higher than normal but not overheating. As I got off the highway to come home, low water light came on, doing rougly 40 with redlights every mile, and car was just below red overheating when I pulled into my driveway. Every so often it runs rough when overheating like there's a misfire.
Anyone have any clue? I've read some other stuff talking about intake manifold or head gasket, but I do not know how those relate or if they pertain to this type of issue. If there is something that you need to know for assistance, please ask.


posted by  Rackleys

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