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I am having problems with my 1980 corvette L-82. After driving for approx. 30 minutes the vehicle will lose all power and shut down. I must wait approx. 1 hour in order to jump start the vehicle. When it shuts down there is not enough to power to even listen to the radio and it will not start with a jump. I replaced the battery approx 1 month ago, thinking that maybe I had a battery problem, but it seems more serious than that now. Also after 1 hour of sitting after the car shuts down, there is enough power to jump start the vehicle. I have tested the alternator and it has been given a clean bill of health. I don't have any idea what else it could be that is causing the problem. But, obviously I don't want to be driving this vehicle if after a period of time I will lose all power. Any ideas, suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



posted by  Ghood

Sounds like u have ingtion of draw.you can put your amp meter in series with the battery with car off and see how many amps its drawing usally draw .5-1 amp for comp memory.If high start pulling fuses one at a time till it drops if still there take off power wire to alternator could have a bad diode. If you want you can check out corvette action center.com they have excllent vette techs there.

posted by  Techboy07

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