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I have a Mustang2000 withan electronic sunroof wcich has began to leakAfter some research I found out that I have to locate & clean out the drain tubes that are along the sides of the sunroof. Unfortunately, I could not locate the tubes on my car...Can anyone give me some instructions on locating them? Also, can it be that the cause of the problem is not the drain tubes?
Any help will be appreciated,

posted by  Georgios

Hi. I have a similar issue with my 1997 Camry. Water was pooling under the front pas side mats and i traced the problem to water coming from the front left corner of the sunroof. I snapped all the moldings off from the pass side floor area and the front side of the door, unscrewed the sun visors and was then able to peel back the carpeting/material around the front of the sunroof. The drain tubes start in the front corners on each side of the sunroof and go down under the molding between the front of the door and the windshield and they drain out of the bottom of the car. Once you get the upholstery away from the front of the sunroof, you will see where they are connected and then unclamp them, clean them out and then get rid of any clogs in the corner of the sunroof. I used pipe cleaners on the roof part and smaller diameter plastic tube (like from fish tank) to clean out the full lenght of the drain. However, I was still having a problem with too much water seeping in which the drains couldn't handle. I think the problem was that the rails were where the roof slides were not lubricated enough. So i removed all the dried grease and relubed. My preliminary tests with water poured on the sunroof suggests that the top now makes a tighter seal in the front when it closes. But I am waiting for the next big rain to make sure. Toyota had no clue as to what to do; it was after they looked at the car that I discovered that the grease was dried out and for some reason it wasn't closing tightly. Toyota's suggestion was that I had to replace the entire unit or permanently seal it with silicon. I might use thin layer of silicon on the inside of the roof if it still leaks to much in order to make a tighter seal against the molding on the glass. I'd like to know how your problem works out since I knew nothing about drains in the sunroof 2 weeks ago.

posted by  dl89n

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