98 Grand Prix Se won't start, please help!!

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Ok I tried measuring the battery with an analog multimeter but it was fairly hard to read, I think it was around 12 V though...the alternator in the car is fairly new anyways. I tried boosting the car but it still won't turn over!! All the power stuff works like lights, locks, stereo, ect but when you turn the ignition the fuel pump comes on, and then when you go to turn the ignition again to try and start the car it just makes like a slow clicking start and goes, errr, errr, errr, and then stops making the err sound, if you keep trying to turn the ignition to try and start it you get a few clicking sounds. I thought maybe it was the starter but it's making a sound, I'm sort of upset cause I just bought the car and the car was running great on the way home when I bought it. I did some reasearch on car batteries and found out that a discharged battery can read a high voltage but not have enough Amps (current) to turn over the engine, is there anyway easy ways for me to check the starter or other things I should look for, any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!!

posted by  maltb

You should try by checking the crank shaft sensor whenever your car don't start try throwing water over the poles once you get the crank shaft sensor cold the car would start without problem if the water trick works you'll be sure the crank shaft sensor is bad so replace it it's around 80 dlls

posted by  tonatiuh5

:laughing: But serious :wink2:

posted by  lectroid

I tried to delete this reply,, to no avail :oops:

posted by  lectroid

ah just chuck random parts on, it will start lol..
but serious he prolly thinks the ignition isnt sparking cuz no crank sensor input.

just get the battery load tested then work from there.. good battery then check connections for voltage drop.

posted by  thongsai

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