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thanks for nothing

posted by  y2icon

What happened to your '89 Camaro named Shark???

At any rate my "suggestion/help" for you is to get a clue. You "checked the choke" now, did you? You obviously have no idea what it is you're checking because your car doesn't and never will have a choke. You might as well tell us you adjusted the discumbobulator valve. Until you have some correct and useful information regarding your car nobody will be able to give you any correct or useful help, although some people will lie and tell you they are.

BTW, if this has been happening for a year now why are we asking about it today?

posted by  vwhobo

i need to get rid of the century had it for 3 years no room in the garage or the driveway.

maybe its not called choke then i never said i was a master mechanic. my best friend has done the work on it. you heard about it today b/c moving 4 cars to get to one car isnt fun especially when one barely runs. you heard about it today cause i thought i could get some help instead of sarcastic remarks.its sat in the backyard for a year while i been driving a chevy astro van. now can i plz get some help instead of jokes

posted by  y2icon theres your choke

posted by  y2icon

I get it. Because SOME Buicks used to have a choke, all Buicks have a choke. You are an idiot. Is that clear enough?

posted by  vwhobo

Hey man ,you May be a sharp tech But you need to work on your ATTITUDE , you have to understand that some of these guys and gals aren't very sharp about their cars ,if they were they won't be on here asking for help. By the way have a fine day Slim :screwy:

posted by  Slimone

I think you should have your friend tune it up, and change the fuel filter would be a good start :screwy: :doh:

posted by  slim shady

both have been done

posted by  y2icon

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