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hey guys,

I am writing because i don't know what to do about this...I found a car on autotrader.com, a 1993 Supra on sale for 5800. I e-mailed the person who had it on sale and they told me that they are in sofia, Bulgaria and that all i need to pay for the car is 5800 with shipping...Is this for real?!

I don't believe it because the car is crazy nice.. let me give you guys the specs...
Description: ENGINE - Greddy T88 Single Turbo, JE Pistons, Pauter Rods, HKS
>272 Cams, HKS Cam Gears, ARP head studs, Greddy 3-Row Intercooler, HKS
>Racing Blow-Off Valve Type 2, HKS, 1.6mm Head Gasket, TI Valve Springs &
>Retainers, Fluydine Radiator, Apex GT Spec Exhaust, Blitz Midpipe, Greddy
>Oil Catch Tank (custom ?6 braided lines), Powerhouse Racing EGR Block Off
>Plates, Powerhouse Racing Polished Upper Radiator Pipe Kit, ATI Lexan Spark
>Plug Cover, TRD oil cap, Jet Hot Coating - Manifold, Exhaust Housing &
>Downpipe Polishing - Valve Covers, Turbo, Front Mount, Front mount piping &
>Intake Pipe. BODY - Repainted 350z Silver Stone, RMM Front Lip Custom stock
>front end (removed turn signals & badges). INTERIOR - A-Pillar Pod Triple,
>Greddy EGT Gauge, Greddy Boost Gauge, Greddy Oil Gauge, Sparco Torino Seats
>(Black), Sparco 5 Point Harness, 8 Point Chromoly Custom Cage (painted
>black), Auto Meter Shift Light with Pills. SUSPENSION Eibachs. WHEELS &
>TIRES - 19? Volk GTC?s (custom
> black), 19 x 8.5 & 19 x 10.5, Conti Sport 255/35/19 & 295/30/19. FUEL GA
>Fuel Rail (polished), 880cc Injectors Percision Turbo Injectors, Twin
>Walbro Pumps, Dual -6 Lines (dual feed) Paxton FPR. ENGINE MANAGMENT - SP
>Ecu Rom Tune with 8500rpm, Blitz SBC-ID Electronic Boost Controller, Blitz
>Power Meter I-D, HKS VPC with Harness, HKS GCC with Harness, Greddy Turbo
>Timer. DRIVETRAIN - RPS Carbon-Carbon Twin Disc Clutch, Kaaz 1.5
>Differantial, One Piece 3.5? Chromoly Drive Shaft.

Thats what he says the car has, i have a picture of it but i don't know how to post it....

He replied today and told me that he wants to make the deal over the internet when i asked if i could have his phone number so i could talk to him...
the car looks extreamly nice..he says he has it for sale because he needs money badly and has no other choice...Do you guys think this is a con of some sort, a joke or?
And how would i do this deal safely if its true, what would i have to do to not get robbed or jibbed....

Thanks alot guys,


posted by  nogard08

It would be a lot safer to purchase a bride from Bulgaria, than an auto. :doh:

posted by  lectroid

If you get ripped off, how would you track down somebody who won't even provide his phone number? The only way I'd even consider this is if I were super-rich and $5800 + shipping meant NOTHING to me.

posted by  JaneiR36

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