accord 90 loss power, RPM are Crazy!

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Hi Everybody!, i have a problem, my accord 90 lose power when i turn on te a/c When I am doing a stop and i tray to go on, after a few seconds recovers the force and I continue as if nothing was happening (For this I need to accelerate up to the bottom).

On the other hand when I go in highway after the 2500 rpm the indicator (tachometer) becomes crazy, but I am not feel that the car fails, what to be the problem?

what can i do to find the solution?


Sorry for my english...

posted by  anorzaga

Hey man,

Sorry to tell you, but the ass holes in this forum don't really care for their fellow members. I posted a few days ago and i've yet to get a reply where people try to help you, instead you get no reply or you get scolted.

So I doubt you'll have any help here, try, see if they'll help you there.

The point of a forum is to get assistance and to help people who know less than others, it helps everyone in the forum grow because that way the person asking learns and then helps someone else who comes and has the same problem, it helps everyone grow but appearently that isn't something people are concerned about here.

Good luck with your problem dude

posted by  nogard08

The problem of the loss of power already fixed, I had to fit well the time...

The problem of the rpm I could not have fix it...

posted by  anorzaga

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