95 Ford Escort LX 1.9 SOHC - Err Code 214? spuddering at all speeds..

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Hello, my wife has a:
95 escort lx
1.9l sohc
Automatic trans

A few days ago she noticed the CEL come on for a few seconds then turn off again, then the day after that it went on the didn't go off till she put on the A/C (unrelated i think), then yesterday the light came on and would not turn off, snd she noticed a bit of spudder when driving and the car stalled once at a light.

The spuder happens whith the enigne cold and warmed up, there isn't a pattern to it. it does smell like the gas is not being completely burned. seems kind of like the ignition timeing is off.

I checked the codes that stored in the system. It has code 214 (reading from actron code scanner) stored in the ECM on a KOEO test (Cylinder Identification (CID) sensor - circuit failure.). Nothing on a KOER test.

From what i know the CID is the Camshaft Position Sensor. I tried to find some diags for it but my search brought up nothing. I know it should be .1vdc higher on an open throttle but thats about it. the readings i got were all over the map. At idle it ranges from .099 down to .070, at low idle it drops down to .014. At open throttle it goes up to .200. SO the .1vdc difference it there, but i'm not sure if the other values are within normal operating standards. the voltages contantly change, it never stays in the same place.

the system was fixed about 5 months ago for a Vac leak, and the symptoms don't seem the same as we had at that point.

Could the Camshaft Position Sensor be bad?
Or could it be something else?
Crankshaft sensor? Plugs/wires? Timeing belt?

I need to get the car fixed before tuesday.
any help would be much appreciated!!!

posted by  arekmu

Did you find the solution? I have the same problem.

posted by  edmanjo

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