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I've got a 94 Regal Custom with auto/air/120,000 mi/3800 V-6. Last week I noticed it getting hot in traffic and found the radiator fans not working. I've checked for loose or dirty connections with no luck. When its cold and I start it up the idle if fine and both fans come on with A/C norm button pushed. About 4 minutes later the idle goes from about 800 rpm to about 1300 rpm and the fans turn off. I've tried all the buttons to. Max-bi level-
heat-defrost and no help. If you start it when its warm the idle is fast and no fans. I replaced the sensor for the temp guage about 2 months ago but this just started happining. I also replaced a bad A/C compressor and havn't had a chance to have the system changed yet but it has been out of freon for some time. I've been to 3 auto parts stores and they say its the coolant temp sensor and sold me one that looks a lot like the temp guage sensor but its a 2 wire and they say it goes somewhere on the block. I can't find out where it goes. My Haynes manual mentions one on the side of the radiator but does not go into much datail about it. The parts stores say the radiator sensor is not the one. I've heard 94 was an odd-ball year when some things were only done in 94 such as the alternator and you can't get trouble codes by shorting out the pins under the dash. Could they not know something was different with the sensors? :clap: Thanks in advance for any help you can give me. :clap:

posted by  Copper

I found my own problem :banghead: I found a diagram of a 92 Olds 3.8 engine and sure enough there it was. Burried under the air intake and the intake manifold. Replaced the sensor and everything is working fine now.

posted by  Copper

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