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If anyone understands anything about 17 year old girls and the way they treat their first car, then you may be able to help me. After many problems, which I have paid more to fix than the car is worth, I decided to try to get help here, instead of depending on what the car shop is telling me & charging me. Recently the blower quit working. When you turn on the defrost or air, you can hear the compressor kick in, but no air blows. We cannot get any response from the blower no matter what is selected - vent, heat, etc. Can anyone give me some guidance on this so that I can "appear" halfway knowledgeable at the auto repair place??

Also, she is now saying the steering wheel is turned slightly to the right. I'm sure she has hit something and knocked the front end out of alignment, because she says if she lets go of the wheel, the car drifts to the right. What I am concerned about is the steering wheel being turned. I don't think this is normal on an alignment problem, and I am afraid this may be dangerous and may result in her losing her steering ablility. Can anyone please help with this as soon as possible. She does drive the car to work and school each day.

I once knew a pretty good bit about cars in my "younger days", but with the technology on cars these days, I am totally out of my league and dependent on mechanics and auto repair centers - who probably see me coming a mile away with dollar marks floating above my head.

SingleMomInNeed of Honest advice would be greatly appreciated!

Thank You!

posted by  SingleMomInNeed

Basically with the blower you have four options. Blown fuse, cooked motor, defective HVAC control assembly or a defective blower motor resistor. The fuse is obviously the easiest to check and is also easily replaced. Beyond that you'll have to depend on someone to do the troubleshooting for you. Based on my experience with Tempos, I'd look at the motor first.

As for the steering, you're probably right about the "hitting something". Yes, that can knock the front end out of alignment (the rear is adjustable on the Tempo too) and could also throw the steering wheel off center. Of greater concern is the why. If it's something bent it needs to be fixed but not immediately, however if something is damaged/broken such as a ball joint it need to be fixed NOW.

Don't assume that every shop is out to get you just because you're a woman. I can assure you there are more than a few shops in South Carolina who are honest... Because I own some of them. If you would like a recommendation on a shop in the Columbia area, please PM me with a more specific area of town (please, I do not want your address) where you live. Have a nice day Mom.

posted by  vwhobo

Thanks for the info. I do know there are honest people out there, I was just going on some past experiences. If you could recommend a shop, either in the Forest Acres / Columbia downtown area, or I am willing to take the car further for good service and support. I will definitely check the fuse first. I suspect the blower as well. I have to make a decision as to whether to keep fixing things on this car, or try to trade-in on something more dependable. We are on limited funds, and could possibly end up with another basket case.
Thanks again for your response!

posted by  SingleMomInNeed

I tried to keep the list east to central Cola. Here they are in no particular order, and no I'm not affiliated with these shops in any way except probably professional industry associations that I am unaware of.

Cullom's Auto
1616 Two Notch Rd
(803) 256-1638

Donahue's Auto Service
6333 Two Notch Rd
(803) 714-7010

All Pro Bumper To Bumper Automotive Service
6920 1/2 Pennington Rd
(803) 783-2511

Andrews Auto Service
2015 Harden St
(803) 256-1516

Bob Andrews Motors
1111 Harden St
(803) 799-6465

Good luck.

posted by  vwhobo

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