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Hello everyone, hoping someone can help me out with this weird car situation. I’ve got a 2000 Grand Prix GT that I bought used a year ago, and it’s been fine, other than the window regulators breaking on the two front doors.

Anyway, it’s been acting up lately. I was going about 70mph on the Tollway the other week, when the engine just died on me. The dash panel said “Check gauges.” I was able to steer off the road and re-start the engine after several tries. The temp gauge wasn’t high at all, by the way. I’d had the AC running, and figured maybe that had something to do with it.

I took it to the shop, and they said they thought it had something to do with the transmission. They thought some gauge was going haywire and making the transmission overheat. They told me this would probably only happen if I went over 65 mph. They wanted me to bring the car back in so they could take it to the specialist.

Anyway, the car died a few more times on me after that (the specialist is out of town for the time being!), and all of the times the car died, I wasn’t going anywhere near 65!

I’m thinking about just trading it in and getting a new car, but first I’d like to see if anyone else has encountered this. It looks like the shop might be wrong about the problem, and I don’t want to fix some small part, only for the whole system to screw up months later.

One thing I’m wondering is – the car has dual climate control, and the external temp gauge has been messed up for a few months. For example, even if it’s 98 degrees out, the car will show that it’s like 48 degrees out. Could this be the problem? And if so, if I have this part fixed, will the car be back to its old self? Thanks!

posted by  perfectpawn

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