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We just bought a 1983 Pontiac Grand Prix, with a V6, automatic transmission for my son to drive. It appears to be in really good condition, we had it looked over for any obvious problems by a mechanic, and the woman who owned it before seemed to take care of all the maintenance as it was needed. It has one problem that is bugging me - when you first start it for the day, or after it's been sitting for several hours, as soon as you put it into gear, either forward or reverse, and step on the gas, it stalls. It will do this a couple of times, then it will be fine, and it never stalls while driving, or sitting at a light or in traffic, and if you stop somewhere, and you go back out and start it up, it starts just fine. The fact that this is the only time it stalls really bugs me, and my husband and I aren't really sure what would be causing it. It's probably something simple, but I can't think of what it is - Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks! I appreciate it! PS - He does let it run a few minutes before going.

posted by  tropics48

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