99 Plymouth Breeze, WTF?

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I was turning on a main road from a stopped position the car suddenly jerked forward and began accelerating quickly it held at about 50 mph (when I had my foot on the gas at all I was going under 15) I tried to press down on the brake but it was stiffer than usual and when I was able to slow it down at all I had both feet firmly pressing it down all the way it would not stop it just gradually reduced speed but any little bit I tried to take off of it made the car jerk and accelerate again when I got to a parking lot I immediately put it in park but it continued to make a sound as if the gas was being floored and continued to move with my feet on the brake I turned off the car as a last effort it ran for approximately a minute and then shut off

posted by  gmorphis

I don't believe you. :laughing: :screwy:

posted by  DodgeRida67

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