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My girlfriend has had an Audi A3 from new. The car is just under three years old and has covered 63k. This places the car just outside the manufacturers warranty (by 3,000 miles).

We've always had the car serviced and maintained at the audi dealer we purchased it from. Recently we took the car into the dealer for its first MOT and to have the front discs and pads replaced on the brakes.

Late on the day when the work was being carried out we recieved a call from the dealer saying they had had trouble removing the disks from the hub carrier due to corrosion. In the process of removing these parts they've stripped the threads on the hub mountings and these now need replacing at a cost of £180 per wheel. As the car is (just) out of warranty Audi have told us we will have to pay the full cost of these parts.

Is this type of problem typical on a car of this age (mainly motorway driving and lovingly cleaned regularly if this makes a difference) and does the position of Audi seem fair. I've moaned at the dealer and they seem to think we have a case for a reduction in the price but Audi have basically told us to get lost! They have not offered an explanation as to why this wear has occurred. I don't want to create a fuss if this is this sort of fault is fairly normal on a car of this age.


posted by  pyro9n

It's not normal at all, and Audi's attitude stinks. I would contact a solicitor, because I think you've got a strong case.

- First of all, the Dealer caused the damage! Why should you pay if their incompetence has damaged your car? Would you be willing to pay if they also scratched the paintwork, or dented a panel?

- If this is a common problem, then Audi are at fault. However, I've never had this problem on any car. Discs are sometimes a little reluctant to let go of the hub, but that doesn't mean you should start stripping threads!

It sounds to me like the dealer has made a cock-up and is trying to pass the bill to you. I would get a decent solicitor to threaten them.

posted by  heebee

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