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Hello all! Great forum. I am hoping that someone can point me in the right direction with my A/C system on my jeep. I have a 97 jeep wrangler and love it, BUT Arkansas with NO air is very sticky.

Situation - air blows, but not cold.

1) I have checked the pressure (with cheap gauge) - it appears ok

2) I have followed the loop, and can see no leaks, discolorations, etc

3) the clutch on the compressor runs, stops, runs, stops....etc is that normal? - cycle is repeated every couple of seconds.

4) I cleaned out the condenser with high pressure water.....

My daughter pointed out a sound (dad doesn't hear as good as he used to)

when accelerating with the air on there is a *PSSST* (passenger side, low on transmission, maybe?) It seems to happen mostly during an acceleration, but i have noticed it cruising on the HWY. With the A/C off, no A/C and sound just started...

Unrelated problems..... cracked exhaust manifold (2nd time :banghead: )

thanks in Advance!

posted by  jessh1969

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