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has anyone everchanged the front input seal on a jeep grand cherokee thats has a cv type joint. according to the service manual in order to remove the yoke you must use a "holding tool" but doesnt say specificaly if is a puller type tool or something you just grab from your tool box that will work. there is four bolt holes where the cv joint has been removed from the yoke flange i was thinking i could thread some bolts in there and then tighten them down against something that i could grap with a big wrench to hold the yoke so i can spin the nut of in the middle of the yoke. if anyone has any advice i would appreciate it i have been jacking around with this for way to long and every auto shop i call has no clue or they want to charge please help

posted by  JOHNHH

Hi , have used a big pipe wrench to hold the yoke before and have used bolts too ,give it a try ,be sure to use grade 8 bolts ,as soft bolts might bend. good luck Slim

posted by  Slimone

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