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All of a sudden my signal lights on the dashboard are acting like they are on speed! If I go to turn right and put my signal on, the light blinks RAPIDLY both on the dashboard and outside the car. Like 5 blinks a second! If I turn the car off and turn it on again, sometimes it goes away only to come back later. Any thoughts on what is causing this?

posted by  marpua

Had this same problem in my car. Make sure when you turn on a turn signal, that both the front/back signals are on. If not, typically the signal will blink very fast as a warning to get it fixed. Two problems, good one replace the bulb 2.00$ easy fix. Bad one, electrical short, not sure on price to fix, but a pain in the ass.
Check if all the signals go on when you turn the signals.

posted by  Diomedes

If you dont have a toasted bulb, I would try checking or replacing the flasher. Sometimes when they get old they act funny like that. Normally, most cars have 2 flashers, one for the blinkers, one for the hazards. If you can locate them both, (usually under the dash on the drivers side), switch them with each other and see if that makes a difference. If it does, you have a bad flasher.

posted by  slim shady

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