Need a hand replacing A/C compressor... 92 chevy c1500 4.3L tbi

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The front ac compressor bearing has been shot for a couple weeks on my 92 chevy c1500 pickup, 4.3l tbi. I've been running it with some grinding and carrying on for a week or so but a couple days ago it finally gave out.. It got so bad that the pully locked up so my serpentine belt wouldn't turn... With the belt off, I can move the pully if i try hard enough and I can see pieces of bearing just falling out... Well as a temporary fix I made about eight different trips to autozone trying to eyeball a serpentine belt i could use to bypass the compressor altogether. I found that by removing the (non-spring loaded model) dummy pully beside the ac compressor altogether, I can get just get by with an 82 1/4" serpentine belt running around my alternator, power steering, water pump/cam/fan pully, crank pully, and another dummy pully that sits between my crank pully and ac compressor pully. Anyhow it seems to be working OK as a temp fix but I'm worried about that belt slipping off of one of the dummy pullys as it is routed around the wrong side of it due to the ac compressor being out of the loop altogether... Anywho most of that is irrelevant, what I'm getting at is, Is it a pretty straightforward task to change out an ac compressor and receiver drier? Is it pretty much bolt off/bolt on and a few o rings here and there, not including recharging the system which isn't a problem...? I'd rather just go with a brand new compressor (~~$230 w/ clutch for my vehicle make) rather than fool with having it rebuilt and the core charge and all that... Does the compressor and clutch come preassembled if you buy them both? Or anything else I might need to know about? The only thing that may pose me a problem personally is that I know little to nothing about the receiver drier, just that a lot of people consider it's replacement mandatory when installing a new compressor unit... Or would it just be worth paying the extra couple hundred bucks and having a shop do it for me? Any insight/comments/tips/tricks/etc would be appreciated. -Levi

posted by  FearAndLoathing

It should not be that difficult to replace those components. Both should be out in the open. You will need some larger sized wrenches for the lines but other than that it should go easy.

I would assume that the compressor would come with the clutch on it already. Check with wherever you get your parts from to be sure.

posted by  theman352001

Hi ,is it just the clutch bearing that is bad? if so replace it alone, would be eazyer to just change out the clutch ,thats where the front bearing is and the pully, if you do that you don't have recover the freon or recharge the system, good luck Slim

posted by  Slimone

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