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I got myself into a major jam atm... I'm in the middle of replacing the water pump and mange to take everything apart and get the old pump off and new on, but I forgot how to put the A/C bracket back on the proper mounting sequences. Unfortunely my Haynes manual doesn't have pics that show me how it it suppose to look..... My sealant is drying on the wp gasket, I need a pic of the 1985 Delta 88 Royal, GM 5.0, A/C bracket mounting, power steering, airpump, and alt, all correctly connected so that I contine this repair, or I'm going to be without transportation for so time..........


posted by  Doonster

Update, I successfully replace my water last week and got my car running again. It took a while, but I figure out how the bracket was suppose to go back together. I have another minor problem now, my new powersteering pump is leaking fliuld, I'm not sure where exactly its coming on the pump itself, because the lines are new and there isn't any sign of leaking from them. I'll work on this problem later when I get the time.

posted by  Doonster

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