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Car Specs

1990 Ford Tempo Gl
4-DR Sedan
3 speed automatic tranny
2.3 liter 4 cylinder

First problem

I first start up my car and I go to turn my wheel and the power-steering "humms" and the more I turn the wheel the louder and the vibration gets stonger. This doesn't happen when I have the power steering turned off and i turn the wheel.

Second Problem

My air conditioning uses R-12 :banghead: any hints on how to get my air conditioning to work?

posted by  nscrnbr27

Ok, this I gotta know. How do you turn off your power steering?

As for your AC, you may be able to find some R12 around somewhere to recharge your system. Otherwise, you will need to have it converted to R134A.

posted by  theman352001

A lot of times when this sort of thing happens, the belt is to blame.

Alright, tell me why he just HAS to have it converted? What kind of information is this? The question (or lack there of) that he asked about his A/C wasn't ligit at all. Neither is your answer.

posted by  DodgeRida67

Ill give you that there is a lack of information regarding what is wrong with the AC system and why it doesn't work. So, my assumption, since they mentioned R12 is that, as many people are aware, R12 is not a recommended refrigerant anymore and is hard to come by. I'm assuming they are in need of a recharge.

Now, since R12 is frowned upon, R134A is the next best thing. But in order to use R134A, you need to have some of your components replaced because they are incompatable.

If this is not the problem with their AC, then my answer does not help them. However, my answer is quite legit if that is the problem. (I suppose I could have flamed them for their lack of information. That works soooo often on this forum)

Only nscrnbr27 knows for sure and maybe they will enlighten us so that we can accurately help them.

posted by  theman352001

Where is the clue? You have not mentioned anything new with the exception of what type of refrigerants they are and that R12 was banned some time ago. Oh, and some specific component issues when converting an R12 system to a R134a.

I have already stated that it was my ASSUMPTION (due to lack of information and the fact that they mention R12) that their AC system was in need of a recharge. It's called "reading between the lines". The R12 in there says (to me) that they may have been looking for this refrigerant but have had a hard time finding it. Why else would the mention it? Why wouldn't they just say "hey my AC doesn't work, can you help me?" Which is basically what they did say right after they mentioned the R12.

Perhaps I am incorrect in my assumption. We may never know because nscrnbr27 doesn't seem to be adding anything to this tread.

Thank you for the clarification that you can't just dump R134a into an R12 system without changing some components. I hadn't stated it that way and I could see where somebody may have gotten confused with the way I had said it. Now we should have all bases covered. :thumbs:

posted by  theman352001

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