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can nissan silvia s15 engine's (SR20DET) replace the bmw 318i E30 stock engine? has someone did it before? i want to know its performance after use new engine. whether it better or worth.

can someone share information or experience with me?

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Hi matt. Is it even possible to replace the engine from one car to another, especially different brands?

posted by  ilusha2

A better choice would be an M50 engine out of a later BMW

posted by  crash8168

its possible for engines of different makes to be swapped out... i mean shoot, have you ever seen the vw bugs with carrera engines in them... power

posted by  mazda6man

Matt, why the hell would you put a POS Nissan engine in the best car on the planet?? :evil: Go with Crash on this one put a newer 6 in, I have done this several times and it is easy and a great upgrade.

Happy Hunting

posted by  MrBMW

In Taiwan...
Someone already install twin turbo RB26DETT Skyline GT-R engine

in e30 325....
It very complete
I,will scans the magazine than mail to you ....(If you want ..)

posted by  willytaiwan

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