'92 Grand Marquis...is air suspension standard?

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I have an air suspension in my 1992 Grand Marquis. My question is, can I replace these air shocks or whatever it is that's malfunctioning with a standard set of shocks? More detail below, but that's about the extent of the question.

The air suspension system in my car has me imitating a low-rider (It's broken and there is no functioning suspension to speak of). This is only in the rear end, however...the front seems fine. Apparently fixing/replacing the whole air-ride system is going to be more costly than it's worth to fix it. So, if it's not a simple leak in a line somewhere, can I just replace the shocks with standard, non-air shocks?

posted by  Aegis

As I don't know much about anything resembling a car, how can I determine this?

posted by  Aegis

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