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I bought my moms 97 saturn sw2.... its always been a good car and run pretty well. Well her alternator went out (thats why i bought it from her.. i figured i could do it myself) and i went and bought a new alternator. Well I went down and ordered a manual for the car... it hasnt gotten here yet tho. I can see the spot for the alternator it appears to be under the power steering fluid pump on the passenger side of the car. I was wondering if anyone has any tips for undertaking this process. I found on another web site they suggest jacking the car taking the tire off and the inside guards and working at it from thar direction. Well i took them off and all i see is a nice layer of CAR blocking my view.. haha so much for that approach. Its easier to see the alternator from the top of the vehicle but if there is anyway to get around removing the power steering fluid pump i would love to know what it is. I've never done this on a newer car before... only old cars like vw bugs and a plymoth duster. the bugs were easy to get to.. and the duster had soo much working room i was spoiled. MAN NEWER CARS ARE A PAIN IN THE REAR! =p Anyways any tips would be welcome and appreciated.

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