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i have a 96 accord ex (2.2l vtec with standard tran) and i was wondering if my vtec is working. The vtec is supposed to kick in and im already around 5k rpms and its just flat. i have heard other people say that theyre vtec was not working also. aside from this problem the car runs great. and i find it funny that a friend of mine has a 93 accord with the 2.2l nonvtec and im getting blown out of the water by him. him and i both have the same basic mods (intake,exhaust) and he just pulls away. If anybody has had this problem before or knows about honda's and has any suggestions please let me know.

posted by  yourfather


posted by  yourfather

There is a couple of inputs the computer takes in that have to be met before it will engage VTEC. I know temperture is one, and u have to be above a certain speed. Im not 2 fimilar with the total function of VTEC. You could ask a Honda dealership, or check out the forums at, there all about honda's they'll know for sure.

posted by  speedy266

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