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I installed a new timing chain and made the mistake of turning over the engine with the distributor out (was inspecting hoping it was the problem).
Now i'm having a problem lining up my oil pump gear properly with my distributor and having it run right.
any help would be great!
thanks, mike

posted by  mikeyme

Not to worry.

Put cap on distributor and install. Figure out where #1 plug wire is located, relative to the engine.

Rotate crank to TDC and note if valves on #1 cylinder are about to be moved by the cam lobes. If so, turn crank another 360 degrees.

Remove distributor cap, and reinstall distributor so rotor points to where #1 plug wire would be. On some cars (like yours), the oil pump connects to the bottom of the distributer with a slotted joint, so distributer only goes on right or 180 degrees off. Unless you crank the engine. In such cases, you will have to rotate the pump shaft with a big screw driver or something to get everything to line up. Don't be surprised if helical-cut gears cause the rotor to move 10-12 degrees during installation. Some patience may be required.

Good luck.

posted by  gravistar

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