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(injection ecu model)
i have a problem where my revs are staying high even when the car warms up. i tried restting the stepper motor but dont know if i got it right. does anyone know how to reset it??

well i have now resorted to adjusting the throttle to compensate for the high revs.
now i have the problem that when the car is warm the revs are great and the car runs great, but when cold the revs are way too low and the car lacks power.
it seems that the car revs rise as the car gets warmer instead of the other way around.
still need some much needed help.
thanks in advance for any help.

posted by  tommy50

i have noticed that the cold air inlet is not raising to let warm air in only, when the car is cold. dont know how all this works but could this little thing cause all that problem.

posted by  tommy50

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